Come discover a new world with sensations still unknown.

Cannes Mandelieu Airport ; Hangar 7
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What about safety ?

Safety is our number one priority. Our aircraft is recent, certified and well maintained in an approved facility. Our pilots are experienced and safety minded overall.

Do restrictions apply ?

There are no age restrictions, but our aircraft is small ! If you measure more than 6Ft or weigh more than 210Lb (95kg) contact us before booking a flight. You must also be physically capable of getting in and out of the aircraft without assistance and as you will be wearing a parachute during your flight, you should also be physically capable of operating a parachute in the event of an emergency. For minors a parent’s authorisation is required. On the medical side, aerobatics is not advised if you suffer from any heart conditions, back problems or brain defects. If you still want to fly we will require a letter from your doctor confirming your suitability to fly with us.

What can I eat before the flight ?

A normal but light meal without alcohol before the flight should protect you from this inconvenience. We even provide you coffee (and croissants in the morning) before the flight.

What should I wear ?

We will provide you with a flight suit but we recommend you wear trainers or any kind of sport shoes for your comfort while in flight. Sunglasses are also recommended and if you wear optics glasses (or contact lenses) you can of course keep them.

Is there a season for flights ?

We are opened all year round; weather in Côte d’Azur allows it ! We mostly fly during weekends, but depending on the pilot’s availability, we can set up a flight during the week. To set a date call on…

What happens if there is bad weather ?

No rain in Côte d’Azur ! Your flight is confirmed the day before after a weather forecast analysis. If ever your flight has to be cancelled it will be postponed to a new date at your convenience.

How much time should I plan for a flight ?

We try to make group briefings twice a day. Depending on the flight schedule, plan half an hour for the briefing and dressing then 1hour for the flight. We won’t keep you more than half a day.

Am I going to be sick ? How hard is the flying ?

No, it’s not the point ! Second only to safety is our pledge to you to enjoy yourself. It is an experience you will never forget.

We tailor all flights to the individual, and can provide anything from a gentle flying lesson around the area to extreme aerobatics and everything in between, depending on your nerves or your g-tolerance. This will all be discussed during the briefing session, and will be continually monitored during the flight by our pilots. If you feel uncomfortable, you can relax or return to base at any time. Be in a good physical shape, have a light breakfast/snack 1-2 hours before you fly as flying aerobatics on an empty stomach can increase the possibility for airsickness, alcohol MUST be avoided.

Can my friends or family join me ?

Your friends (or family) are welcome during the briefing, but the can’t join you to the aircraft. They can choose to see your take off from the airport terminal (a restaurant is inside), or if they have a car to go to our aerobatic spot (lac Saint Cassien) to see your aerobatic sequence! (We can provide a map)

Can you provide gift vouchers ?

Of course ! Just call us and we will send a voucher to you or directly to the lucky recipient.

How can I pay for my flight ?

The payment is made before the beginning of the briefing by CB or in cash.

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